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Recent CRM / Projects Updates

Version 1.2.0

August 2016
  • Ability to create Quotes on Opportunities and Change Requests
  • Added the option to track company info in Application Settings
  • With quoting comes the ability to create and edit Taxes
  • You can invite Employees to a discussion
  • Settings Dashboard updated
  • Updated Notification Emails
  • Users are not kicked out of the system when session times out
  • Notification emails not using correct links
  • Next month / day buttons not showing in IE or Firefox
& many more fixes and updates.

Version 1.1.0

May 2016
  • Added ability to Import and Export
  • Social Media Integration now available
  • Customer Portal feature added
  • Added the ability to skip weekends in Follow Up schedules
  • Added Time Zones to Leads
  • Opportunity Stages now have descriptions
  • Notifications sent when Employees assigned to a Project / Task
  • Employee records not being purged
  • Tasks in the Gantt chart not properly scrolling with task list
  • Line breaks not showing in Note Create, Edit and View
& many more fixes and updates.